Badminton NC offers an exciting Junior program for your children. We have 7 different teams and levels, see more details in the menu's on the left

(Ages from 6 and up)


Badminton NC strives to create a safe, positive, and fun-loving environment for children of all ages.


Why we are qualified to coach your kid?


Our headcoach Dennis Christensen is in charge of the Junior Program in BNC. With him he has assistant coaches Truong Pham (T), John Acebu

& Mark Chandler. Together they make sure we have a challenging and fun environment to teach badminton.


Coach Dennis is a professional badminton coach and as the National Coach in several European countries he has more than 20 years experience teaching badminton as well as an impressive resume. He has worked with professional players as well as junior players many years. Coach Dennis was a part of qualifying players to the Olympic games in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. He has a coach and mentor education from the highest standard Coaching school in Denmark.


He also holds the record of being the youngest national team coach ever when he became a coach for the Italian national team. He was only 18 years old at that time. Coach Dennis has a very trained eye and he know within 2 minuts what a player needs to work on and how to become better.



For more info about the Junior Program

ask at the front desk,

email: Info@badmintonNC.com

or call 919-316-1739




Please note that all Junior classes auto-renew

each 8 weeks from season start in August until end of season in May.

If you do not wish to continue the classes, please let us know so we can stop the renewal.

A charge already been made will not be returned.